Guru Tex


Social Responsibility

We Gurutex are one of the leading exporters of knitwear in India.


Social Care

We believe in giving back to communities through donations and by volunteering their time with children to make them knowledgeable; create positive learning environments to help them become better citizens for tomorrow. This helps the children and their families achieve a brighter future. The team has association with a couple of NGO’s and schools to make this program successful.

Guru Tex planet takes equal pains to create intangible gains like generating goodwill and giving back to society, be it through fair trade practices or special care for the environment. The team follows a clear set of practices concerning human rights, the reduction of pollution linked to its various activities and solidarity with those in need.

Sustainable fashion is the global need. Perseverance of the environment is the most treasured gift of the future. With the vision of Sustainable Fashion, Guru Tex has assimilated approach towards production of sustanainable clothing, using sustainable fibers and fabrics; fabrics derived from eco friendly resources.

  • Employee Referral Scheme
  • Attendance Incentive Scheme
  • Production Incentive Scheme
  • Health Check up camp
  • Canteen for workers
  • Donating for Social Cause
  • Public Relief Fund
  • Drinking Water RO Systems
  • Fire fighting equipments
  • Waste water management system