What We Do?

Our Top Rated Services

Gurutex commenced as a small garment manufacturing and exporting unit in the year of 2010 and now we are expanded as a one of the leading Apparel exporter in India, at the forefront of design, innovation and full-scale production specializing in producing knitwear and high-end apparel of the highest quality to high-end global fashion brands and boutiques across the globe. We perfectly positioned to stay on top of the latest trends in the ever-changing world of fashion, with a commitment to provide exceptional products which meet the high expectations of our customers.


Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing is the basis of each and every order and proceedings. If our sourcing is from an appropriate source, the end product would also be as per our aspirations. We have strong roots penetrated all over for effective sourcing, covering all the product categories for all segments of international market.


Product Development

The product development becomes active once the buyer has approved on our sourced products which are sent trough photo presentations. Products is developed according to buyer's requirements and dispatched within the date stipulated by the buyer.



This involves entire execution of order from the initial to final stage, till the shipment is on board with massive and close follow up at various stages of production and updating buyer accordingly. Apart from this we take care of the entire packaging to be followed for a particular order. Normally we prefer to make it uniform for all the orders and standardize same so that it is approved once and for all and becomes easier for buyer too.


Factory Evaluation

Factory Audits / Evaluations are conducted to check the production capacity and the infrastructure of the chosen vendors. This audit is increasingly becoming important in the Indian context due to the linked problem of child labour, social welfare norms, pollution problems etc. The evaluation of the supplier's factory plays a vital role in contributing to the end product.




We believe our core competency lies in our clear understanding of the specifications of knitted garments, the buying preferences of our customers and our ability to deliver products of a consistent high quality that meet the product specifications and stringent compliance requirements of our international customers. Our long-standing relationship with our major customers has been one of the most significant factors contributing to our growth.

We aim to make a position for ourselves in the global market by putting in constant efforts in terms of new innovation, quality, reliability and continual improvement.